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Season 6 of Make48 Airs on February 22

Make48 is releasing their sixth season on This Old House Makers Channel (Roku Channel #458) on February 22nd, 2023. It will be the first time the 2022 regional winning teams will be announced!

This Old House Makers Channel will broadcast the seven competitions in a 3.5 hour block, beginning with the first episode in Wichita at 7pm EST/6pm CST. Six more episodes will follow in this order: Milwaukee, Madison, Indianapolis, North Little Rock, Beloit, and the Kansas City, KS competitions.

If you miss the first airing, Roku will repeat these episodes every Wednesday night for four consecutive weeks. Make48 traveled to seven cities last year to hold challenges that connected makers with industry leaders and the best fabricators in the country to create a prototype, within the specifications of a challenge, in 48 hours.

Where can you watch the Makers Channel?

Stream This Old House Makers Channel for FREE anytime on The Roku Channel, #458, and on Samsung TV Plus, Channel #1214. Built on This Old House’s trusted foundation, the channel features today’s master Makers and DIYers, mixing fabrication skills with content creation. From woodworking to design and engineering to welding, This Old House Makers Channel features creators who take on projects in their way. Makers Channel is a community of skilled artisans who share their expertise—and mishaps—and inspire us along the way.

Make48 has launched 19 innovation-based competitions over the past seven years and you’ll be able to catch all the past seasons on Roku. We’re pleased to have this platform to showcase that innovation has no barriers. Anyone can invent if you have the right tools and collaboration!

From March 31-April 2nd, the winning teams will ideate at the UMKC hub, the Robert W. Plaster Free Enterprise and Research Center for the National competition (to be filmed as part of season six.) Features of the center include a 3D printing lab and fabrication studio to build prototypes, high-performance computing equipment and software, and $3 million of augmented and virtual reality equipment. On February 23rd, Make48 will announce the winning teams on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

To learn more about Roku’s This Old House Makers Channel visit

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