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Selling Products Direct to End-Customers Online with Toccara Karizma, President of Karizma Marketing

Toccara Karizma is the Founder and President of Karizma Marketing which is Hawaii’s leading digital marketing agency.

She has spent 14 years in the industry, building many 7 to 9 figure product brands through online marketing and sales. Today Toccara is going to share some valuable knowledge on how inventors, startups, and small manufacturers can use the internet to sell directly to end-customers. She talks about how an inventor can broadcast your messaging to the world, the types of purchase audiences, how to research other brands around your product, and using video and influencers to increase your invention sales.

Topics covered include:

  • Never has it been easier to grow a brand online.

  • Ecommerce skyrocketed over COVID

  • Paid ads vs organic.

  • Sales psychology

  • The Cow method. Customer’s own words.

  • Research other brands and what they are doing, then use the reviews on those to start using the keywords both positive and negative.

  • Using micro-influencers to sell

  • Using video to sell

  • 4 types of audiences for selling products direct to end-buyers

  • Facebook ad library, and getting access to it.


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