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Spotlight Blog: Welcoming Our New Intern, Reese Adkisson

This summer, we’re thrilled to introduce our new intern from Arkansas, Reese Adkisson. Let’s give a warm welcome to Reese, who joins us from the heart of the Arkansas Delta!

Our journey with Reese began when Make48 launched the first Delta School competition in March ‘24. As a volunteer tool tech, Reese's expertise with the laser machine and her dedication to event details were invaluable. Now, she’s bringing that same passion and energy to Make48 as our summer intern. Let’s get to know Reese!

A Delta School senior, Reese embodies the region's maker spirit with her hands-on skills and eagerness to learn. As our summer intern, her experience with the Delta School's resources and her passion for innovation will undoubtedly enrich our team. 

Here’s more about Reese in her own words.

3 girls posing in front of a Corteva Ag banner
Reese (middle) at the Fishers-M48 Competition with Court and Cass


“Hi, I’m Reese, 17 years old, from Wilson, Arkansas. My family is deeply rooted in the agriculture industry—we farm, and it’s something I’m really passionate about. I have an older brother who works on our family farm as well.” 

“I plan to attend college next year, focusing on marketing and AG business. I love traveling and hope to find a career that allows me to explore new places while pursuing my passions. While I love agriculture, I hope to find a way to contribute to the industry, without having to be directly on the farm, and still pursuing my passions.”

Delta School Educational Journey

“I’m a founding student of the Delta School. My family was involved from the very beginning, attending meetings and helping shape the school’s vision. Before the Delta School, I attended a public school, 30 minutes away, and it wasn’t the best fit for our family. The school opened up in 2015,  when I was in the 3rd grade and my brother in 6th grade. I’ve been there ever since, growing alongside the school.”

Attending the Delta School has provided Reese with an abundance of skills and growth over the years. 

Many people standing behind a Make48 sign outside
Teams, Tool Techs and Students at The Delta School-Make48 Launch

“The Delta School has definitely impacted my life. It’s taught me invaluable skills including giving me the ability to collaborate and communicate with diverse groups. At school presentations we’re often encouraged to ‘word vomit’ during our presentations. These experiences have helped me become a better public speaker and more adaptable in various situations. I definitely think the school teaches you real-life situations and real-life problems and how to find what you're passionate about in them.” 

Internship Goals & Why Choose Make48?

“My internship runs for 12 weeks, during which I’ll be finishing my senior year. This opportunity is part of my 'impact year,' aimed at enriching my experiences before college. In the spring semester I’ll take some community college classes, and go away to college in the fall of ‘25. In the meantime, I hope to learn more about marketing, how this business world works, and gain some skill sets in those areas I’m passionate about.”

“One of the reasons why I chose Make48 to do my internship is because it really reminds me of my school. It just feels like another family to me, like the Delta School. I had heard Mr. Podoll, Ms. Amy and Mr. Tom talked about working together in the future so I reached out.”

“Make48 is giving people the opportunity to have their own projects, build, communicate and collaborate with others, something that I love doing. After the school announced its closure, I wanted something similar to that. A stable and passionate community, and Make48 was the perfect fit. I’m excited to help out and learn about everything. Especially in marketing, design, communicating and getting to meet others around the country.” 

Reeese helping teams on the Hardware Run in Wilson, AR

First Impressions

Reese had her first internship experience in May at the Fishers, Indiana event. The competition was held at the Maker Playground with an Agricultural Education theme for the FFA student teams. 

“My first event with Make48 in Fishers was incredible. I really enjoyed taking pictures of the teams and capturing memorable moments for them. I got a different perspective on the competition, different from my previous role as a tool tech, and I loved every bit of it.”

“If I could compete at Make48 I would! Who will be on my team? That would be very hard to choose. I’d want to team up with Mr. Buckley and Mr. Podoll. They know everything! And they’re enthusiastic and it would be an amazing experience. Plus they’ve competed and won!”

Looking Ahead

We're eager to see how Reese's journey unfolds as she continues to explore the exciting world of making. While she'll be working remotely from Arkansas, we're excited for the in-person energy she'll bring to the Make48 events. Keep an eye on this rising student – we have a feeling Reese is just getting started.

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