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The Importance Of Sustainable Product Manufacturing with Jacob Rothman, CEO of Velong Industries Man

Jacob Rothman is the CEO of Platform88, a manufacturer that helps startups with their first production runs in Asia. Platform88 is a division of Jacob’s 8 manufacturing conglomerate called Velong Industries, which has 1,500 employees.

In this week’s episode, Jacob shares some valuable knowledge on how inventors, startups, and small manufacturers should factor in manufacturing and product sustainability, how to do sustainability well, and what types of sustainable options are out there for your physical product.

Listen to Jacob and Kevin Mako discuss:

  • Built an 8 factory manufacturing conglomerate in China, now with 1,500 employees.

  • Look at the world as a planet, not as individual countries.

  • Big companies are being a part of this, not just for sales, but for improving the world. Target, Metro in Germany, Walmart, Woolies. Buyers at these places care, they are getting younger and more actively involved in sustainability, so are the end-buyers.

  • Sustainable Materials: Algae/organic materials, ocean plastics, recycled stainless steel, recycled trash.

  • Make the manufacturing environment sustainable (power, waste management, education).

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