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The Power Chronicles: Akilah Finds Her Power | Alliant Energy

Building stronger communities is at the heart of Alliant Energy. Headquartered in Madison, WI, Alliant Energy pursues emerging technologies and safe, sustainable methods of energy production.

Alliant was named to Newsweek’s 2021 list of America’s Most Responsible Companies (second year in a row) and recognized for its strong devotion to good causes and support of diversity in its workforce. The high ranking is indicative of the company’s commitment in several categories including increasing the number of women and minority employees while also advancing their transition to generating clean energy. []

One of the ways Alliant is connecting with women in STEM is to reach out to the younger generation through engagement programs and activities. Michelle Yun, Senior Manager of Strategy and Electrification at Alliant Energy, spoke about the initiatives Alliant is using to invest in the future of engineering.

“At Alliant Energy we know that some of the best and brightest towns are people that we have right here in Wisconsin and in Iowa. So we invest heavily in pipeline programs to help develop young students who want to be in the STEM fields. We know that a lot of young girls will show interest in STEM, but by the time they get to secondary education, the numbers of those students who are female have drastically dropped. And so we invest in a lot of pipeline programs from elementary school, middle school, and high schools, just to make sure that we're building that confidence in our young women across Wisconsin and Iowa.”

One of the way’s Alliant Energy is investing in STEM learning is by developing a graphic novel series. Graphic novels have been a great source of helping students learn to read and now they're inspiring science lovers. “The Power Chronicles is a way for us to bring to life the joy and the excitement of being a woman in STEM and understanding that there is a place for every little girl out there at the STEM table,” Michelle said.

The Power Chronicles: Akilah Finds Her Power is a STEM adventure that follows the imagination of a young girl named Akilah. After a powerful storm knocks out power at her house and with no television, cell phones or other electronics, Akilah goes to bed reading a book about women in math and science. Dr. Phoebe Nix wakes up Akila from across the bed where a science trophy from her school’s science fair gleams softly in the shadows. Akiliah hears a whoosh that transports her on a journey of science and adventure. You can read more at for students in grades 5-8th (and beyond).

As the community engagement sponsor at the Madison-Make48 event, Alliant Energy gave back $5,000 to the Fab Lab of Stoughton, which was announced at the final night of judging. Michelle discussed to Stellar Image Studios how community-based initiatives can help students gain access to learning opportunities, progression and see an increase in workforce.

“One way in which we strengthen the workforce development and make sure that we're developing the best and brightest here in Wisconsin and Iowa is we work closely with technical colleges. Making sure that we are developing the right curriculum and really giving them the right resources to make folks ready to enter the energy industry and understand that there's a spot for them at the table right here at Alliant Energy.”

About Alliant Energy: At Alliant Energy, our purpose is to serve customers and build stronger communities. We are focused on powering beyond the market challenges of today, while powering what’s next in energy. Alliant Energy is a component of NASDAQ. Through its utility subsidiaries Interstate Power and Light Company and Wisconsin Power and Light Company, Alliant Energy provides regulated electric and natural gas service to approximately 985,000 electric and approximately 425,000 natural gas customers in the Midwest. Our mission: To deliver the energy solutions and exceptional service that our customers and communities count on – safely, efficiently and responsibly. website

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