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The Wichita Community Foundation | Working Together To Create A Positive Change

The Wichita Community Foundation’s Knight Foundation Fund is a proud supporter of the 2022 Make48 Nationals, to be held at Wichita State University inside their premier makerspace, GoCreate.

The Wichita Community Foundation is a philanthropic partner and connecting point for Wichitans to cultivate community transformation. The non-profit organization creates long-lasting legacies and partners with the people, families and organizations of Southeastern Kansas. With the Knight Foundation Fund at WCF, the Foundation invests in civic innovators and ideas that helps the city of Wichita attract, and nurture talent to bring multiple opportunities to the region.

Fostering community engagement is a core value of The Wichita Community Foundation and it’s Knight Foundation Fund. “By engaging with like-minded individuals and organizations, we’re able to pursue our vision of a vibrant community through philanthropy,” said Joselyne Hernandez (Communication Manager, Wichita Community Foundation).

By bringing together those who impact, and who are impacted by these challenges, the foundation leverages their role as community convener on issues of importance. Those issues include promoting civic innovation, attracting talent, expanding economic opportunity, supporting the arts and additional social services.

Make48 and The Wichita Community Foundation (WCF) are both passionate about creating opportunities in the community and share a love of collaboration. “There’s diverse talent overflowing around us and we’re constantly looking for sparks that spur the growth of startups in our community – Make48’s initiative is one of those ignitors. We’re thrilled to support Make48’s National competition for invention to welcome innovators from across the nation and to showcase Wichita as a community for entrepreneurship and hands-on creation.”

The Wichita Community Foundation is an organization that invests in communities through a wide range of programs and causes that matter.

“WCF’s philanthropic agenda supports various categories of charitable causes, including our strategic initiatives focused on news and information, talent and equity. As the needs of our community evolve, so does our engagement with the issues that face our community. We’re grateful to partner with trailblazers to mobilize investments where they are needed.”

Community engagement is at the heart of the Wichita Community Foundation. By leveraging their role as a community convener on issues of importance, they bring together those who impact and those who are impacted by these challenges. “We have the great opportunity to collaborate with individuals and organizations on transformational projects to enrich our city. A recent example is an initiative focused on Data-Driven Storytelling where WCF, Envision and Sonify collaborated on audio solutions for the blind and visually impaired. The project empowers content producers to communicate data with sound, increasing access to information for all.”

The Foundation's mission is to be the catalyst that drives lasting legacies by partnering with people, families and organizations to mobilize resources to causes that matter. By engaging with like-minded individuals and organizations, WCF is able to pursue their vision of a vibrant community through philanthropy.

"At WCF, we believe in the transformative power of partnerships around shared passions and objectives. It's a joy to collaborate with the Knight Foundation and Make48 to further opportunities in our city."

For those who wish to get involved, WCF has multiple ways Wichitans can help. “We’re energized by our community of givers who partner with us to improve Wichita. Anyone can get involved by opening a fund, contributing to the Fund for Wichita to solve the most pressing community issues or telling friends to engage with our community initiatives.”

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