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Thinking Outside The Box with Makerspace Founder Alex Bandar

If you’re interested in entrepreneurship and makerspaces look no further than Dr. Alex Bandar. The founder and head Machynist of Machyne Makerspace is a pioneer in the national maker community.

An engineer by training and an entrepreneur by accident, Alex worked for ten years for an engineering software company as a "computational metallurgist" and has worked with clients from GE to Apple to Toyota. It was during this time that he realized, although he could write computer programs that simulated manufacturing processes, he couldn't actually ‘make’ anything. Inspired by his sister Leila (a sculptor), Alex set out to change that.

Alex took his ‘geeky’ interests, blended it with his educational background and his hospitality experience, and went out to create a new type of business - essentially a machine shop with a maitre d'... a place where people can feel warm and welcome to learn how to use novel equipment to explore new hobbies or businesses.

In 2008, he founded and launched his first makerspace in Columbus, OH. Passionate about bringing the maker culture to cities around the world, Alex consults with groups from Indianapolis to Dubai and everywhere in-between, identifying needs, resources, opportunities, and business models for similar makerspaces or innovation hubs.

Aside from his daily responsibilities of guiding Machyne in their mission, Alex thrives in creating a community of people who love to make things and think outside the box. In Ten Billion Innovators, the title of his 2019 Tedx Talks (Cincinnati), Alex explains why he thinks “every person on the planet has the potential to be, and deserves to be, an educated and empowered innovator.”

Makers can find Machyne in the 16 Tech Innovation District in downtown Indianapolis, the perfect space to collaborate with other innovators, entrepreneurs and makers of all kinds. Get a guided tour of their space, well equipped with brand new pieces of fabrication tools. From woodworking and metal fabrication to 3d printing and laser technology, Machyne has the equipment and support you'll need to bring your ideas to life.

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