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Watch the 3-minute highlight sizzle of Make48’s Sixth National Competition

Watch the 3-minute highlight sizzle of Make48’s Sixth National Competition at

Tool Techs at Nationals

We are pleased to present a First Look at the Sixth Make48 National competition. Stellar Image Studios captured the 48 hours at The Innovation Studio | University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) and T-Mobile called the challenge, Animal Wellness & Transportation, where the seven teams had to create a carrier outfitted with T-Mobile technology.

Dreaming DeNicolas (Milwaukee), L Quadratics (Wichita), Stellar Tech Girls (Madison), Little Red Hens (Kansas City, KS), The Mavericks (Indianapolis), Rock River Dinners (Beloit, WI) and BruWin (North Little Rock) were the top teams at their regional competitions. Mid-day, on March 31st, the whistle blew and the teams went to work to create a brand new idea for the T-Mobile challenge.

Many Tool Techs, mentors and volunteers were on hand to help the teams with their creations. Experts from Onshape, Harley-Davidson, Mako Design + Invent, MatterHackers, Ultimaker, Glowforge, Gridlock Table, ShopBot Tools, Airgas, Lincoln Electric, Law Office of Mark Brown, Law Firm of Andrea Hence Evans, DeBruce Foundation, SavingLife Inc, VetGuardian, Zoundz, Hill's Pet Nutrition, Wagtown & Wagtown SMART Dog Park, Brookside Barkery, Outpost Worldwide and Oracle came to Kansas City from across the country.

UMKC was instrumental in launching the event in Kansas City. It couldn’t have been done without the incredible work of Christina Davis, Dean Truman, Melissa Ford, Brian Kanoy and their dedicated volunteer group at the School of Science & Engineering. We can’t thank you enough for the time and dedication throughout the weekend.

And it wouldn’t be a Make48 competition without the amazing Tool Techs. Nationals brought in a lot of help from past competitions and local events including; Jimmy DiResta, Adam Kittrell, Brandy Aubé, Tyler Isaacs, Whitney Manney, Luke and Priscilla Smith, Stan Fernald, Travis Putman, Ryan Holland, Lydia Knopp, Melissa Johnson, Mark Byrd, Bucky and Melissa Miller, Gregg Nowling, Miles Davis, Piper Grant, Avery Rhinerson, Austin Overton, Jimmy Lewis-Swain and Chet Boisen. They are the hardest-working team and we are big fans of each and every one of them!

Head over to our YouTube channel to watch the 6th Make48 National sizzle reel. Visit

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