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Meet the Team - Amy Gray

Meet some of our amazing team members!

We'd like to shine a spotlight on those who continue to help build the company and community with every event.

Amy is probably a familiar face to many of you. The hard working mom of two is married to Tom Gray, and has been with the company since the beginning. Meet the woman behind the man: Amy Gray

What is your role at Make48?

I’m the CFO of the company, but wear many hats. On top of doing the bookkeeping for the company, I’m also the event coordinator and I manage Tom!

How did you get involved with the company?

Tom and I both got involved with Make48 through our business, the Handy Camel. We started as original Make48 co-founders (with Rich Brull, Curt McMillan and Bob Coulston). I worked with the team strictly as their bookkeeper, but as the company grew and they needed help, I became a natural fit. When the previous event coordinator left the company in 2019, I took over and began to grow the business into a segment of events.

What is your family life/background?

I live here in Missouri with 2 young boys and Tom. We live on a 20 acre working farm named after the farming region where Tom grew up in New Zealand, Cannington Farms. I love cooking our farm fresh meats and produce that we’ve grown. I was raised in a rural community and love to be outside and teach sustainability (for farming) to our boys.

I grew up in the Kansas City area and have a degree in accounting. In high school, I was good at math and became an accountant for a CPA firm after college. I’m not sure if I would choose that route again, but it’s given me the tools and skills I’ve needed to help start our own business.

What have you learned from working with this organization (Makers, brands, inventions, etc.? Or a particular moment that stands out?)

I’ve really learned and have seen how everyone has talents. They may be hidden away but they’re there. Sometimes it can be because of what they do in life or their career. Like a doctor who has the talents to invent, but not the resources or team around him to build the ideas. It’s awesome to see teams who come to Make48, who have the ideas, but not the time or team.

Collaboration is key and communication is a skill, as well as who you know. Having a good yarn with someone brings things to life. You have to be willing to reach out and talk with others to get something done.

We work with Makers and talented innovators. What’s something you make or have made that you’re proud of? (or won’t ever forget)

I love making things. I create crafts around the house such as making things out of wood pieces. There are two ‘cut charts’ that I made for harvesting meat.

I really love gardening too, as soon as spring comes around, I'm getting my hands dirty. You can see what’s going around Carrington Farms on Instagram at

What inspires you?

Learning new skills on YouTube or following people on social media and learning from them. I’m especially inspired by my children and teaching them new skills.

If you weren’t working for Make48, what do you think you’d be doing?

Farming full-time and doing more gardening and sustainable farming. I would love to work with other parents on how to cook healthy, fresh meals and show that you don’t have to be afraid of doing it.

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