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Anderson, Indiana Sponsors Dedicated To Empowering the Next Generation of Makers and Inventors

The City of Anderson, Indiana is gearing up to host its first Make48 competition, welcoming eight teams to showcase their skills and creativity. Taking place from July 21-23, this exciting 2-day event will be held at Purdue Polytechnic Anderson (PPA) and feature students from nearby high schools. The competition aims to foster innovation and collaboration among young minds, with the support of Tool Techs from the PPA student body assisting the teams in bringing their award-winning ideas to life.

The teams will have the privilege of collaborating at the P3 Makerspace, a cutting-edge facility at PPA. Spanning an impressive 12,000 square feet, the makerspace offers various specialized areas such as a 3D printing lab, woodworking shop, metal fabrication area, weld shop, and design room. Equipped with state-of-the-art tools and equipment, the P3 Makerspace empowers the participants to transform their concepts from mere ideas on paper into tangible inventions.

Anderson's vibrant community of entrepreneurs, industry partners, and skilled makers will actively engage with the participating teams during the competition. By leveraging the expertise and experience of these professionals, the students will receive invaluable guidance and mentorship, enhancing their learning and problem-solving abilities.

Sponsors Dedicated to Innovation

The successful execution of the Make48 competition in Anderson, Indiana is made possible by the support and dedication of several sponsors. These sponsors have shown a commitment to bringing innovation and real-life building experiences to the region. Their contributions help create an environment where young minds can thrive, explore their potential, and develop their skills in fabrication and invention.

City of Anderson logo

The City of Anderson, Indiana eagerly awaits the arrival of Make48 and its talented participants. By hosting this competition, Anderson aims to promote innovation, collaboration, and hands-on learning among the region's youth. The state-of-the-art P3 Makerspace will provide the perfect backdrop for the teams to turn their ideas into reality.

Downtown Anderson is an epicenter for activity as groups and organizations of all shapes and sizes come together to celebrate! Downtown Revitalization is one of the key components to Economic Development, and they aim to aid in the development of all programs and initiatives that help build this atmosphere. From Christmas and Independence Day events to their outdoor summer concert series to community bazars, the City is here to bring people downtown and rejuvenate the spirit of Anderson!

The City of Anderson embraces the opportunity to showcase its commitment to fostering innovation and empowering the next generation of makers and inventors. Visit for more information.

Debruce foundation logo

The DeBruce Foundation, based in Kansas City, Missouri, is a philanthropic organization that has been a long-standing partner of Make48. Founded in 1992 by Paul and Linda DeBruce, the foundation is dedicated to improving educational opportunities, workforce development, and entrepreneurship.

One of the notable contributions of the DeBruce Foundation is the Agile Work Profiler©, a free solution that revolutionizes the way individuals search for, prepare for, and pursue careers. By closely monitoring the progress individuals make through their initiatives, the foundation gains valuable insights into how people can become adaptable and agile in the face of an ever-changing world of work.

Leading the Agilities© charge is Ann Zimmerman, a highly experienced Special Projects Consultant with a rich background of supporting non-profit organizations for over three decades. In her current role, Ann works closely with the foundation, creating innovative strategies for career exploration and seamlessly integrating the concept of Agilities©. Her expertise and insights will be shared as she takes on the role of a guest speaker at the VIP "fireside chat."

To learn more about the DeBruce Foundation and explore the transformative potential of the Agile Work Profiler©, visit their official website at

Bankable logo

Bankable. Powered by Flagship, has been funding Hoosier’s dreams for decades. Bankable is a nonprofit lender that seeks to create opportunities for all entrepreneurs in Indiana by providing access to capital, financial education, and economic resources to build healthy small businesses.

Every year there are thousands and thousands of small businesses in Indiana that are seeking funding or financing for their business or startup dreams. But only a small percentage of those businesses will actually get what they are looking for. That leaves a large number of Hoosiers without the necessary and deserved capital for their startup or existing venture and many resort to more dangerous funding sources.

Bankable exists to offer Indiana small businesses a second chance to secure the funding they need through microloans that are safe and affordable until they are ready for more traditional funding sources. Their team works with entrepreneurs at any stage of business to build their credit. Learn more about Bankable at:

Ice Miller Legal Counsel logo

Ice Miller LLP is a full service law firm dedicated to helping clients stay ahead of a changing world. Ice Miller works collaboratively with clients to help them achieve their goals. With over 350 legal professionals in seven states, each is dedicated to developing a deep understanding of each client’s needs in order to help them build, grow and protect their most valued assets.

Teams will rely on Amy Berg to help get their ideas off the ground. Amy is a partner and registered patent attorney in Ice Miller's Intellectual Property Group and is also a member of the Firm's Food and Agribusiness Group. Her practice focuses on all aspects of intellectual property, regulatory compliance and agriculture law. Amy has experience with a variety of regulatory issues, including federal and state environmental regulations.

Every professional at Ice Miller is committed to providing innovative, responsive, relevant and cost-effective solutions. Visit their website at

Reynolds Farm Equipment logo

Reynolds Farm Equipment is a leading equipment dealer serving farmers, homeowners, and commercial contractors throughout Indiana since 1955. Founded by farming husband and wife A.W. “Mac” and Arline Reynolds, the company began as a small John Deere agricultural equipment dealer serving Fishers, Indiana.

Today, Gary Reynolds leads the company, and his daughters, granddaughter and a number of family members serve throughout the organization. Reynolds Farm Equipment is an active participant in a number of local, regional and national organizations that share a passion for future leaders, agriculture and the communities they serve.

Reynolds Farm Equipment is Anderson’s hometown John Deere dealer. As a multi-generational family-owned and operated business they are proud to give back to the communities who have made Reynolds who they are today.

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