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Introducing Your Milwaukee-Make48 Teams!

Milwaukee’s bright minds are heading to MIAD in two weeks to compete at the Make48 48-hour competition with Harley-Davidson calling the challenge! In 48 hours, the players will create a prototype under the challenge theme of ‘Interactive Outdoor Play’, a promotional video, sales sheet and present their idea to judges and guests. The specific challenge details will not be revealed until the competition kicks off.

Eight teams will join a crew of tool techs, mentors and volunteers from July 15 - 17 to compete for a chance to win $2,000 and advance to compete at Nationals in 2023. Assisting the teams will be industry experts from Harley-Davidson, MIAD, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Onshape, Airgas, Fastenal, ShopBot Tools, and more.

Meet your Milwaukee teams!

Ross, Laura, Carl and Antonio are a group of Industrial design students from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design who are passionate about the design process and creating for the betterment of our communities.

The Twisted Wires

Twisted Wires (David, Amber, Jessica and Tom) is a team of educators at the University School of Milwaukee that emphasizes innovation as one of its curriculum goals. With access to a state-of-the-art makerspace, we teach students how to approach novel problems and encourage them to design and test solutions; so it’s time for us to rise to that challenge. Their team brings a range of expertise: science, engineering, visual arts, entrepreneurship, and French!

Shooting Stars

Shooting Starts is a team brought together by HUSCO International. Team captain Hayes will lead the team with two students from Augustine Prep, Griffin and Oscar.

After watching Make48 on TV, the DeNicola’s decided that they should take on the 48-hour challenge! Meet the family, Dreaming DeNicola’s - Kevin, Melissa, Winston and Emilia.

Meet the four high school students from Pathways High. Travis, Elijah, Cambell and Micah are taking their real-world learning model and will apply it to the Make48 competition. Welcome Team Pathways!

City on a Hill (Lisa, Marcus, Tylor and Frank) is a member of the Near Westside Partners and alongside Harley we work together to provide opportunities for youth and families to thrive in our neighborhood. Their team includes one staff member, alumni, high school student and middle school student from our after school program. Each team member has an interest in engineering or art design as a career. This is a great opportunity for them to connect with each other and others passionate about creating and building the future.

Golda Girls

Golda Girls, Camilah, Jerrya, and Dayana are a dynamic group of friends who spent the last year designing and creating solutions to problems existing in their middle school. From a robotic recycling container to a hydraulic game machine, they enjoyed the challenge of engineering and are not hampered by stereotypes or statistics. Along with their STEM teacher, Tina, this team plans to combine their different backgrounds and insights to be the very best possible.

MKE Makers

Meet MKE Makers. Ariel, Will, MJ, and Justin are current UW-Milwaukee students and alumni who share a passion for creativity, human centered design, and solving unique challenges. Their backgrounds in engineering, art, and digital design help fuel this innovative team.

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