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Professor Brian Morello Mentors Budding Entrepreneurs at CELEB

The Center for Entrepreneurship in Liberal Education at Beloit (CELEB) is a one-of-a-kind program. At Beloit College, students explore their own entrepreneurial skills in the Makers Lab at CELEB in downtown Beloit. The Coleman Venture Lab (CELEB) offers a physical space and mentorship to help students take an idea from concept to creation.

Beloit College alumnus, Professor Brian Morello, is the director of CELEB and also teaches courses in entrepreneurship. Professor Morello’s past work in entrepreneurship, education, programs and investing has leveraged his years of experience to support those interested in entrepreneurship.

Students are holding signs that were made with a 3D printer in CELEB’s Maker Lab. Photo Credit: Howard Korn Photography

Professor Brian Morello has been instrumental in bringing Make48 to Beloit and felt that it was important to bring the challenge to the community. “Innovators are key to the success of society and that is something we aspire for our students to be at Beloit College where I teach. So, it was naturally attractive to bring a partner like Make48 to town as an avenue to promote this key driver,” he said.

As the Director at CELEB, he provides one-on-one mentoring to students who wish to start a business during their time at the college and those who need access to an office, financial resources, and other amenities through CELEB. Professor Morello also serves as co-advisor of Belmark Associates, a student-run market research company and co-advisor of Maker Lab, a student-led prototyping lab.

Professor Brian L. Morello

There are big advantages to going to a small college. Because of a relatively small student body, Beloit gives individual attention to students. This allows the entrepreneurship center to be open to all of our students, regardless of major or prior experience. “It’s one thing to have resources but another level to make them truly accessible to the students. To that extent, our size is a meaningful advantage,” said Morello.

Hands-on learning at CELEB is one of the key points at the entrepreneurial center that Professor Morello made. “Whether it’s making beats in our recording studio, post-producing video from the access TV station, prototyping in our Maker Lab, or conducting focus groups to discover product viability, CELEB is a place of action and, as such, puts a premium on hands-on learning.”

CELEB at Beloit College gives students the tools that entrepreneurs need and the skills to attract employers; as well as providing mentorship, space, and resources to help students turn ideas into reality. Make48 is anticipating a lot of good ideas and prototypes to come out at the November event. To meet the teams visit Beloit Teams and to learn more about Beloit College and their programs visit their website at

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