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Purdue Polytechnic Anderson - P3 Makerspace Spotlight

On July 21st, the P3 Makerspace at Purdue Polytechnic Anderson will be taken over by the Make48 competition. It will be the first Make48 challenge at the university, and the first where all the teams will come from neighboring high schools in the region!

Purdue Polytechnic Anderson offers five undergraduate majors as well as certificate programs for the local workforce. Their state-of-the-art facility features the P3 Makerspace for collaboration with Anderson’s entrepreneurs and industry partners. Purdue’s staff and faculty encourages innovation, collaboration and creativity among diverse interdisciplinary groups in the persistent pursuit of big ideas and novel approaches.

The 12,000-square-foot makerspace is broken up into a 3D printing lab, woodworking shop, metal fabrication area, weld shop, a design room and a 40-ton c ironworker. Small-scale manufacturing is key to improving the economy in the Anderson, Indiana area. Local entrepreneurs can use the P3 Makerspace to ready their unique products for manufacturing.

Students at PPA are challenged to solve real-world problems for industry-sponsored projects, which allows them to hone their skills they never knew they had before, making them indispensable to employers. Lorri Barnett, Regional Statewide Director at Purdue Polytechnic Anderson, “We see our students transform along the way as they turn their enthusiasm for building, making and learning into class projects. Through their education at Purdue, they develop a deeper understanding of cultural and global perspectives and their impact on business and industry.”

Introducing the Make48 competition to their student body and the region will further allow students to ask critical questions about real-world problems. As in past events, a crew of tool experts, mentors and industry experts will guide the teams through ideation and testing of actual prototypes to create a solution for the challenge.

Eight diverse teams from the surrounding high schools will compete at the event, starting July 21st. PPA college students will work with the high school teams, as tool techs, during the 2-day event. The competition will wrap up on the 23rd, where the teams will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges. One team will walk away with $2,000 and move forward to Nationals.

In a few weeks, we will announce the teams who will be competing and the challenge theme. To learn more about the Purdue Poly-Anderson event visit the webpage at

Watch what happened in Indianapolis last year! -

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