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The FAN EXPERIENCE has landed in time for the FOOTBALL Season!

The Plan? To pick up the best stadium seats from across the nation and build a unique concept using the top builders and finest tools in the industry … all within 48 hours. Tom Gray, CEO and Co-creator, had an idea to create a magical experience for fans who aren’t able to watch from the stadium.

Tom called on YouTube star and master builder Jimmy DiResta, Kristin Stockdale from WORKBENCHCon and Kansas City maker Nick Ward-Bopp of Maker Village. Jimmy flew to Kansas City and together, with a group of talented woodworkers, fabricators, artists and supporters, created the one-of-a-kind stadium fan chair. It has found a home for the students at Operation Breakthrough, inside their brand new Makerspace, Ignition Lab: Powered by Eighty-Seven & Running.

Watch The Full Build

Creating the Fan Experience took many hands. The crew consisted of volunteers from the Maker Village; Angelica, Zac, Megan and Greta, Luis from Ultimaker, Kristin and Mike from TotalBoat, Melissa and Bucky Miller from Miller’s Rustic Mill, Gordon with ShopBot Tools and student volunteers from Operation Breakthrough. Together they produced a set of interactive stadium chairs, even outfitted with Ukiah technology, which were delivered to the new Ignition Lab for students to use everyday.

Founded in 2015 by Travis Kelce, 87 & Running has remained dedicated to providing resources and enrichment opportunities for youth and their communities through fundraising, athletic programs, mentoring, and outreach initiatives. Kelce announced that after signing a four-year extension, he purchased a building that will allow teenagers to “explore careers in STEM. The Ignition Lab: Powered by 87 & Running, will be the natural next step for students ages 14-18 who have aged out of Operation Breakthrough’s MakerCity program with basic skills in coding, circuitry, culinary arts, design, robotics, digital and visual art and more. It will provide a powerful springboard and safe space for some of Kansas City’s most promising teens and propel them toward a bright future to explore their educational and entrepreneurial pursuits. Plans for the lab will include programming by a host of local nonprofits, such as MindDrive, Greenworks, PC for People and the KC Stem Alliance.

We’d like to thank our supporters from the tool companies who supported this build including brands; Stanley Black & Decker, Pony Jorgensen, Arrow Fasteners, Miller Welders, Airgas, Rhino Cart, The Original Super Glue and Home Depot; to our Local companies in the Kansas City area such as Cannington Farms, Cosentino's Market KC, Blip Roasters, Buffalo State Pizza - Crossroads and production company Stellar Image Studios who made this project seamless. Featured in the September/October Popular Mechanics issue (*see story), the full length build can be found on Jimmy's YouTube channel

Images from Maker Series #3 (slideshow)

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