The Maker Series finds a page in Popular Mechanics

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Earlier this year we shared that Popular Mechanics picked up the Make48-WORKBENCHcon Maker Series events, Make48 Is Partnering With Popular Mechanics, and so far two of the Maker Series challenges have been published in Popular Mechanics.

*Update* - Watch the full Kansas City-Operation Breakthrough episode at Jimmy DiResta's YouTube channel

In early 2020, the team came together after the filming of Season 4 on how to continue into the year, but on a smaller scale. Make48 reached out to Kristin Stockdale, the founder of WORKBENCHCon, to create a partnership for the Maker Series with YouTube makers, Izzy Swan, April Wilkinson and Jimmy DiResta. Together with three non-profits, the maker challenge took off in 3 different cities; Greenville, South Carolina, Canyon Lake, Texas, and Kansas City, Missouri.