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Meet The Teams! UW-Stout Career Pathways Event Launches October 27

The UW-Stout Career Pathways event launches on October 27th! Six high school teams from across west central Wisconsin will gather at UW-Stout's FABLAB to tackle a challenge from 3M Menomonie. With participants hailing from counties like Eau Claire, Polk, Chippewa, Dunn, Clark, and St. Croix, this event promises to be a celebration of regional collaboration, innovation, and applied learning.

Each participating high school team will be sponsored by a local industry, further strengthening the bond between education and the workforce. Additionally, they will work alongside UW-Stout students who will assume diverse roles throughout the competition. From serving as part of the film crew to handling the responsibilities of tool technicians, participants will gain hands-on experience that extends beyond traditional classroom learning.

Now meet the teams who will be competing at the UW-Stout-Make48 competition. Each team brings its unique set of skills, perspectives, and experience, making this event a melting pot of innovation.

Team Name: Boards 'N Bots

School District: Chippewa High School

Team Members: Everett Sarauer, Brett Schaeffer, Megan Schutte, and Elleana Kenney

Boards 'N Bots is a team of FIRST robotics members from Chippewa Falls. They build complicated things quickly. They are sponsored and coached by engineers from TTM Technologies. TTM can make even more complicated things, but usually take way longer than 48 hours!

Team Name: Altoona Makers

School District: Altoona

Team Members: Jeff Ballentine, Aaron Nujtxeeg Xiong, Kaylee Belisle, and Logan Kelley

Altoona Makers are A-students plus their Tech Ed Teacher from Altoona, Wisconsin. Aaron, Logan, Kaylee and Mr. Ballentine have experience at Making in Altoona's Makerspace, Fab Lab and Technology Education classes from 4th grade through 12th grade. We have gotten many opportunities to create different things like end tables, motors, 3D models and problem solved flash design challenges over the years. We are all also SkillUSA members to build skills at a competition level. This is the Altoona Makers first competition as a team and we are eager to solve problems!

Team Name: Wenzel's Workers

School District: St. Croix Central

Team Members: Tyce Todd, Gavin Hawkins, Toby Lindstrom, and Brady Jackman

Wenzel’s Workers hail from Hammond, Wisconsin. These students are representing St. Croix Central. St. Croix Central is a growing 4K-12 district just 30 miles east of the Twin Cities of St. Paul/Minneapolis. Their district mission is is prepare their students with exceptional character, knowledge and skills to thrive in their changing world

Team Name: Weekend Warriors

School District: Neillsville

Team Members: Mark Brommer, Armin De La Cruz, Cameron Waters, and Zachary Magnus

The Weekend Warriors from Neillsville High School is a team of diverse thinkers with a thirst for knowledge and embrace the quest for success! The team is composed of Armin, a master tinkerer, who works on anything with a rumbling motor. Cameron has a knack for computers with a background in advertising and video editing. Zach is the comic relief to the group and will supply his skills for product promotion as well as some outside of the box thinking. Mr. Brommer, the potential leader, will try to keep all the personalities in check and keep the team on task and organized to finish their inaugural entry into the Make48 competition.

Team Name: JeffSmart

School District: Amery

Team Members: Mike Rose, Brodrick Malon, Carter M. Kurtzhals, and Alex Kegley

Our team consists of 3 seniors from rural Amery, WI intending to pursue computer related majors at 4-year institutions next fall. Carter will pursue software engineering; he enjoys computer programming and is excited for the chance to work on video editing and participate in public speaking at this event. Alex is interested in computer programming, especially video/computer game design, and is looking forward to the hands on engineering this event will provide. Brodrick is set to attend UW-Stout next fall and is looking forward to visiting campus as a preview to next year. He is planning to study Cybersecurity and looks forward to learning and meeting others with similar interests at the make48 event.

Team Name: Menomonie Mustangs

School District: Menomonie

Team Members: Kajsiab Xiong, Enzo Parent, Jack Andresen, and Pajci Xiong

Menomonie Mustangs is a team of intellectuals from Menomonie, WI. Our team consists of two boys and two girls, all four having different scientific backgrounds with three of us participating in our school's Science Olympiad team. We are excited to be a part of this experience and we cannot wait to learn more about what the science field has to offer!

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