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Casting Call: Make48 Seeking High School Students for Exciting Invention Competition in Des Moines!



Cassandra Munoz

Make48 Media Relations

Des Moines, IA - April 23, 2024 – Are you a young inventor, marketer, or entrepreneur with a flair for creativity? Make48 is thrilled to announce an open casting call for high school students aged 14-18 to participate in a gratifying invention competition taking place from June 7th to 9th, 2024, in Des Moines, Iowa.

Make48 is the ultimate platform where young minds bring their innovative ideas to life in just 48 hours. This fast-paced competition provides an opportunity for participants to showcase their talents, learn new skills, and network with industry professionals.

"We're excited to invite the brightest young minds from the State of Iowa to join us for Make48," said Tom Gray, Co-Founder at Make48. "This competition is not only about inventing, but it's also about collaboration, creativity, and learning. We encourage all high school students with a passion for innovation to seize this incredible opportunity."

The event will take place at Des Moines Central Schools' Horticulture and Aviation building, where six-eight regional high schools and career centers will compete for the title. Each team will comprise 2-3 students from the same school, accompanied by a faculty advisor or teacher over the age of 18.

Corteva Agriscience is the proud sponsor of this year's challenge, providing participants with access to state-of-the-art tools and materials to bring their ideas to fruition. The competition will be documented and produced by Make48, with two episodes airing on ROKU via This Old House-Make48 channel. "Make48 isn't just a competition; it's an experience that empowers young innovators," added Gray. "Participants will have the chance to learn from experts, showcase their inventions to potential investors, and forge lifelong connections."

Interested students are encouraged to form teams and apply by visiting the official Make48 website []. The deadline for submissions is May 6th, 2024.

For more information about the casting call and Make48 competition, please contact Make48 at


About Make48

Make48 is a nationwide invention-competition docuseries that gives teams a challenge at the start of a two-day event. With just 48 hours, teams must create a prototype, promotional video, and sales sheet, and present their idea to a panel of judges. The teams have access to a makerspace and numerous Tool Techs that can make almost anything, patent attorneys, marketing experts, and more. This format allows everyone to have a level playing field and the chance to win, with no prior technical knowledge necessary. 

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