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Celebrate Innovation With Brodbeck Ironworks & Make48

Celebrate with us! In honor of this year’s SIXTH National competition, Make48 has partnered with Brodbeck Ironworks to bring you a loaded ‘Maker Bundle!’

Order a Brodbeck Grinder in the month of March and receive the "Maker Bundle." This goodie package includes a; DeWalt Drill Set, Make48 Hoodie, Wagner Sprayer, and an iFIXit Kit ($550 value).

We love this deal because it brings out the inventor spirit. Tyler Isaacs is a Maker and owner of Wooden Whiskers Trading Company where he creates custom woodworking home furnishings, cabinet build-ins and more. Tyler has been to numerous Make48 events and is a big fan of the grinder. “As a mechanical engineer, the Brodbeck Ironworks 2”x72” grinder is engineered to last, and with their 2 HP vfd attachment it packs a punch that can grind or sand through just about anything. The Brodbeck is perfect for anyone looking to greatly improve their sanding and sharpening capabilities."

The founders of Brodbeck Ironworks are passionate about what they do, and it shows. Pros are loving their custom tooling line, grinders, belts and other hand-forged items. Their versatile 2x72 grinder is designed with user friendliness and functionality in mind, without sacrificing quality.

Ryan Brodbeck got his start as a blacksmith and founded Brodbeck Ironworks with a fellow contestant Vince Molina after appearing on Forged in Fire, History Channel's knife-making competition series.' Today, the Brodbeck Ironworks grinder has been designed with more features and functionality than any other grinder on the market today at an affordable price. “There are A LOT of amazing knives, swords, and tools made with our machine. Some of our more unique makers have made some incredible sculptures, prosthetics, motorcycles, and jewelry,” Ryan told us.

Make the most of our limited time offer. To receive this deal buy a Brodbeck Grinder at from March 1st - 31st, 2023.

Tyler Isaacs gets why this grinder is such a big deal. "After using their system multiple times at Make48, I have fully realized the limitless possibilities and the importance of having one grinder that can FINALLY do it all. It’s a beast of a grinder that can truly replace multiple pieces of equipment; from small piece precision sanding, to their adjustable tool rest for batch production. I have to battle myself everyday for not wanting to purchase a full system because it can replace multiple tools and take an everyday DIY’er to the next level on their making journey.”

Only 5 Brodbeck ‘Maker Bundles’ are available. Order a Brodbeck Grinder and pick up your Maker Bundle before they’re all gone! Shop the collection at

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