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Fishers Maker Playground Hosts Make48 Competition with Indiana FFA Chapters

Fishers Maker Playground is gearing up to host their second Make48 competition, this time with an agricultural twist. The stage is set for the Make48 competition, where 6-8 teams from Indiana FFA chapters will converge to showcase their ingenuity, abilities to work under pressure, and craftsmanship. 

From May 3-5th, Maker Playground will transform into a hub of innovation and excitement, offering participants access to cutting-edge tools and expert guidance. “Maker Playground and Fishers Parks had an amazing time hosting the 2022 Make48 Indianapolis challenge and can’t wait to be the host facility for the 2024 competition! Make48 is an action-packed competition that brings new faces to the facility and reflects the spirit of innovation in Fishers,” said Nick Snyder, Makerspace Manager.

While many individuals harbor grand ideas, few have the means to bring them to fruition. Make48 bridges this gap by providing teams with the resources and support needed to turn their concepts into tangible prototypes. Mentors from organizations such as the FFA, Corteva Agriscience, and Fishers Maker Playground will be on hand to offer guidance and expertise, helping teams navigate challenges and unlock their full potential.

The Maker Playground boasts an impressive array of facilities, including a community workshop, metal shop, 3D printing space, welding stations, CNC routers, and a laser cutter. Whether participants are crafting intricate designs or fabricating prototypes, they'll find everything they need within these walls. With diverse skills and equipment at their disposal, participants will embark on a journey of creation that is both exhilarating and educational. The winning team will walk away with a grand prize of $2000 and will represent their FFA Chapter at Nationals this November. 

Fishers Maker Playground is more than just a space for competition—it's a nurturing environment that fosters learning and growth. From youth programs to specialized training initiatives, the Maker Playground empowers individuals to explore their creativity and pursue their passions.

Conveniently located near I-69, the Maker Playground offers ample space for teams to brainstorm, troubleshoot, and refine their designs. With designated project zones and classroom areas, participants can collaborate seamlessly while enjoying access to top-of-the-line manufacturing machines. And when they need inspiration, they can step outside and explore the surrounding trails, drawing it from the beauty of nature.

Operated by the Fishers Parks Department, the Maker Playground embodies the fusion of recreation and education. Monthly memberships grant individuals access to an extensive tool library and comprehensive training programs, ensuring they have the skills and resources to bring their ideas to fruition. 

As the excitement builds for the upcoming Make48 competition, be sure to follow @gomake48 on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn for behind-the-scenes glimpses and updates. Join us as we celebrate the spirit of innovation and collaboration at Fishers Maker Playground—a place where ideas take flight and dreams become reality. 

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