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Indianapolis Machyne-Make48 Premiere Party | Winning Teams Announced

Last week, the Indianapolis 30-minute episode premiered to a virtual audience. If you missed it, catch all the action on our YouTube Channel

Watch how seven teams took on the 48-hour challenge at Machyne Makerspace. See all the ideas prototyped at Machyne Makerspace and the winners of the Make48 event who will be going on to Nationals this spring.

The 48-hour Make48 competition took place inside 16 Tech, Indianapolis’ innovation district. Seven teams from the greater Indianapolis community competed to create a brand new idea and prototype for the Eli Lilly challenge. The teams who participated were; Maker Playground (Cassy and Daniel), (Ivan, Samuel, Anya and Miles), Team Asclepius (Nick, Brian, Timothy and Sachin), Loose Screws (Herb, Chris, and Ryan), Fit Designs (Dylan, Roman, Joe and Robert), The Mallorys (Drew, Amanda, Gregg, and Andy), and One Hale of a Team (Lavinia, Hyrum, Joseph and Lenora). Read team bios here

The teams did an amazing job of creating for the Eli Lilly challenge, Empowering Health @ Home, where Indiana teams had to create a better pill box or IV medical stand. The competition was stiff, but one team's prototype stood out. The team who created the winning ideas was....The Mallory's! This group of teachers and a school nurse developed a charming living room medical stand they dubbed Spring, "Plant by day, home healthcare by night." , the functional plant holder and is now in the stages of being patented.

The second-place team who is also going to compete at Nationals is!

Ivan, Samuel, Anya and Miles did a terrific job of selling their idea, the "Medicane" to the panel of judges from Eli Lilly, Anthem and the Indianapolis Recorder. Both teams will go on to compete in the Nationals, filmed for PBS.

A Big Thank You to Alex, Paul and Emily for helping organize the first Make48 event in Indiana. Also extremely thankful for our challenge sponsor, Ramesh Durvasula and the team at Eli Lilly for supporting our initiative.

We can’t wait to see Indianapolis represented at Nationals in March. Teams will be given a new challenge in the next 48 hour competition at GoCreate Makerspace. In the meantime, enjoy the full-episode video here and we’ll see you in Wichita for Nationals!

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