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Innovation in Fishers, Indiana: Make48-FFA Supporters Come Out Strong

Innovation, creativity, and collaboration are set to take center stage at the upcoming Make48 event, slated to unfold at Fishers Maker Playground from May 3rd to 5th. This nationwide invention competition promises to showcase ingenuity, as seven Indiana-based FFA chapters gear up to compete.

With three students per team, these young minds are poised to tackle the challenges of agricultural education head-on, embodying the essence of the FFA spirit. This year's competition theme is agricultural education. Over 48 intense hours, participants will unite to construct a physical prototype, craft a sales sheet, produce a captivating 1-minute marketing video, and pitch their concepts to a panel of judges. 

This is the second time the 48-hour competition finds its home at the dynamic space, Fishers Maker Playground, at Hub & Spoke. At the helm of this exciting journey are the esteemed sponsors whose unwavering support has helped pave the way for the Make48 event to flourish in Fishers, Indiana. Let's take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate their commitment to fostering innovation and empowering young minds:

7 individuals standing with a trophy in front of a Make48 and Corteva Agriscience banner
2022 Fishers-Make48 Competition at Maker Playground

Fishers Maker Playground: Serving as the host venue, Fishers Maker Playground provides the ideal backdrop for creativity to thrive. With state-of-the-art facilities and a vibrant community of makers, it's a playground where dreams transform into reality.

Corteva Agriscience: As a global leader in agricultural innovation, Corteva's sponsorship showcases its dedication to advancing agricultural education. Their support not only fuels the competition but also exemplifies their commitment to nurturing the next generation of agricultural leaders and innovators.

FFA: The backbone of the competition, FFA's involvement speaks volumes about their unwavering dedication to empowering youth through agricultural education. By providing a platform for students to showcase their skills and creativity, FFA continues to inspire and shape the future of agriculture.

DFA (Dairy Farmers of America): With a rich legacy in the dairy industry, DFA's support is helping shape a sustainable future. Their support will give the teams an extra boost during the weekend!

Merck: As a global healthcare leader, Merck's support not only enriches the competition, but underscores the interconnectedness of agriculture and healthcare in addressing global challenges.

Ice Miller: Attorney Amy Berg is returning to help the teams with their IP. With a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, Ice Miller brings valuable expertise and resources to the table. 

Great Lakes Ace Hardware: As a local supporter, Great Lakes Ace Hardware plays a crucial role in providing the materials and resources for the competing teams. Their sponsorship underscores the importance of community partnerships in fostering creativity and innovation.

The Make48 event, supported by these visionary sponsors, serves as inspiration for the next generation of innovators, along with our year-long sponsors; ShopBot, Fastenal, Lincoln Electric, Epilog Laser, Gridlock Table, The Restorer, Kreg Tools, Quantum Coffee, The DeBruce Foundation, Carhartt, BodyGuard and Startland News. 

We can’t wait for the competition to begin on May 3rd and watch the creativity, collaboration, and imagination come together. As these young minds embark on their 48-hour journey, they are poised to tackle tomorrow's challenges with inventive solutions today.

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