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Kreg Tool Company | Innovative Solutions For All of Your Woodworking and DIY Project Needs

Kreg Tool Company all started with a kitchen cabinet and a question: “How do you attach a face frame to a cabinet so the joint can be hidden from view?” The answer changed the way thousands of woodworkers join wood.

Kreg has been a big supporter of Make48’s competitions where contestants discover what is possible in 48 hours. At our most recent event, where we filmed our fifth season for PBS, Kreg was used throughout to help create team's prototypes and trophies.

Wes Lewis building with Kreg at Nationals

The second-generation owned company is deeply committed to supporting all types of trade-based learning. They create solutions that give woodworkers and DIY’ers the confidence to create their own projects by making them approachable and fun.

"Kreg is happy to partner with Maker48 to help get more people building and creating. We are passionate about providing tools that give you a sense of accomplishment from every project you complete. What’s more, we are there for you every step of the way to support and cheer you on throughout your building journey." Nikki Boock, Kreg representative.

Since their humble beginning in 1989, the Kreg name has become synonymous with pocket-hole joinery. Woodworkers of all skill levels have come to trust their products time and time again.

For over 30 years, Kreg Tool has been proudly helping customers experience those benefits firsthand. They not only offer products for woodworkers at every level, they also offer solutions that help build confidence in achieving the results woodworkers are aiming for. Kreg’s users range from the casual woodworker to the professional, and every level in between.

With the company’s signature pocket-hole jig, and variety of accompanying products, Woodworkers trust Kreg to help them achieve the results they are aiming for.

Anika Gandhi creating with Kreg Tools in Madison, WI


Kreg Tool: Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Ankeny, Iowa, Kreg Tool Company creates solutions that give woodworkers and do-it-yourselfers the confidence to create their own projects, while helping to provide a sense of accomplishment upon completion. Kreg products are available throughout North America and in select international locations through local dealers, home centers, and online retailers. For more information or inspiration, visit or call 800-447-8638.

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