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KSSB Meet the Teams | Make48 Returns to KSSB with 6 Teams From Around the Country

Updated: Apr 10

Make48 is excited to announce its return to the Kansas State School for the Blind (KSSB) makerspace from April 12th to 14th. This time, KSSB students will be hosting and mentoring peers from six schools for the blind across the nation, including Texas, California, Washington, New Mexico, Maryland, and Indiana.

The collaboration between Make48 and KSSB is a testament to the power of innovation and accessibility. Over the past two years, KSSB has proven to be a hotbed of talent, advancing student teams to the national competitions in both 2022 and 2023. KSSB students who have previously participated in Make48 competitions will take on the role of mentors, sharing their knowledge and experiences in the innovative KSSB makerspace.

During the 48-hour competition, teams will work to innovate products that meet a specific challenge, served to them by the Kansas City Blind All-Stars. From ideation to collaboration with tool techs and meeting with patent attorneys to the final pitch, team captains from various organizations will support the students every step of the way.

Without further ado, let's meet the teams:

Texas: The TSBVI Makers

Yuki, Nathan and Logan from TSBVI

Yuki Hatch

Nathan Cox

Logan Holland

“Our team is made up of students who attend TSBVI from all over Texas (Fort Worth, Austin, and Richland). Each student has an interest in making and enjoys the challenge of a design project. We came to bring the Texas heat, challenge accepted!”

California: CSB Cheetahs

Malibu, Ahmad and Kaj sitting on a bench from California

Malibu Wardlaw

Ahmad Rahimi

Kaj Fortier

“Our team consists of students who are curious-minded problem-solvers, self-advocates, and are each people-centered. They love the creative process and are innovative in their use of their available resources to complete tasks!”

Washington: WSSB Lions

WSSB Lions members Theo, Sadie and Rose standing together

Theo Burkhalter

Sadie Stephens

Rose Roarke

“The WSSB Lions are hardworking, determined individuals interested in creating solutions to complex problems. We are a group of students who know each other from, extracurricular activities and friendship. We want to compete this year because we are interested in growing our skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, and looking for solutions to problems we may encounter in the future.”

New Mexico: Team MMA

Team MMA members Mary, Mason and Aydin standing together

Mary Nix

Mason Belding

Aydin Begay

“We met at NMSBVI and are excited to compete and show off our skills! We are also excited to meet new friends!”

Indiana: Team Rockets

Team Rockets team members Jasmine, Chase and Olivia standing together

Jazmine Nelson

Chase Dickey

Olivia Garner

“Team Rockets hail from the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, or ISBVI. They’re ready to showcase their creativity, learn some new skills, and make new relationships!”

Maryland: Team MSB Bees

Naudia Graham

Mariah Williams-Grimmett

Briasia Bowser

“Our team represents students from across Maryland who are creative, smart, and ready to change how the world sees vision loss!”

These teams represent diverse talent and creativity, ready to tackle the challenges ahead in 48 hours. Make48 and KSSB are committed to fostering an environment where every visually impaired student can thrive and unleash their full potential. To learn more about the competition and get involved visit 

Stay tuned as we follow these teams on their journey to innovation and success at the upcoming competition. Let's empower creativity and celebrate the spirit of inclusivity together!

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