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Lumafield | Giving Engineers X-Ray Vision

Technology is moving at incredible speeds. One company is providing engineers, designers, and manufacturers unprecedented access to take control of quality in production. Introducing Lumafield.

Lumafield is like adding an X-ray system to your tool kit. The Cambridge, Mass-based startup is taking the revolutionary technology and making it accessible to engineers everywhere. Their easy-to-use Neptune CT Scanner captures every stage of the product development process, allowing users to inspect every part produced, inside and out, to ensure quality and take control of your supply chain. A few of their first customers include: L'Oréal, OXO, Saucony, Trek Bicycle, Desktop Metal, and WHOOP. Lumafield's CT scanning system is available for less than $3,000 per month and is so easy to use that entire engineering teams can rely on it for day-to-day work. {PRN}

Trek Bicycle introduced Lumafield to our team at the Madison event last August. Drew Parrett and James Wachala came to the event as Tool Techs and helped the teams with their prototypes. One group had them help build an accessory that involved a saddle. Using the Lumafield Neptune, they scanned the saddle and exported the scan into a mesh. The team gave it to the Onshape Tool Techs to design their accessory around the existing geometry. Lumafield uses a series of X-ray images to create a highly-detailed 3D reconstruction of a scanned object's external and internal features. The images from the Neptune scanner are fed into their Voyager software. Using AI-powered tools, the resulting detailed 3D model offers rich insights for designers and engineers, allowing them to visualize and measure aspects of their products that were previously invisible.

I asked Drew Parrett what sets Lumafield apart from other similar companies. “Accessibility. This technology has been utilized by companies with the biggest budgets and the most expensive products. One of these machines cost about a million dollars, and we brought it down to 36K a year. By drastically reducing the cost and focusing on ease-of-use, more teams can adopt the technology and benefit from it.” Users can also work together through Lumafield’s cloud-based system, Voyager, allowing creators to collaborate, share data in realtime, and work with teams globally.

Lumafield’s AI-powered configuration technology will work in offices, labs, or any workshop environment. To learn more about this revolutionary machine, visit

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