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Make48 2022 City Competitions on YouTube | Episode 1: Wichita, Kansas

Make48's 2022 city competitions are now available to watch on our YouTube channel in anticipation of the Sixth National Competition! If you're a fan of creative challenges and innovation, this is definitely something you won't want to miss.

The first episode of the 2022 event was hosted at GoCreate, a Koch Collaborative, located in Wichita, Kansas.

Watch Full Episode on YouTube: Wichita-Make48 2022 Competition

This 18,000-square-foot state-of-the-art makerspace is situated on the Wichita State University campus and offers an array of resources, including textiles, woodworking and metals studios, 3D printing, electronics, laser engraving, and printmaking. It's a haven for makers and inventors alike.

The challenge for the eight competing teams was to come up with a solution based on the theme, "Community Gardening for Food Accessibility." Their task was to brainstorm and create a prototype, sales sheet, and a 1-minute marketing video. Participants had the freedom to focus on various categories within gardening, such as recycling garden waste, composting, shading solutions for certain plants, seedling startups, storage, irrigation, solar power, transportation for planting and harvesting, or raised garden beds.

The 8 teams who competed were:

Meta*Force - Laura Green and Rebecca Groebe

L Quadratics - Lacie Leatherman, Jay Leatherman, Justin Leatherman and Jo Leatherman

Team Andover - Julianna Garretson, Aiden Feimer and Chris Harris

Luke-Warm Chili Peppers - Grant Johnson, Jerome Teoh, Joel Asante and Khanh Nguyen

ICTech 1.0 - Josh Mallard, Paul Mines, Elijah Allen and Harry Ling

M&SW - Heath Misak, Ingrid Lampton and Shibly Sadik

That One Team - Felipe Lima de Oliveira, Celine Sengvilay, Irene De Giacomi Leite and Tyler Hook

SweetTarts - Taylor Bohannon, Taryn Bohannon, Addison Skaggs and Maddy Goolsby

The winning team from this challenge had the honor of advancing to the Season 6 Nationals, which took place in March 2023 at the University of Missouri-Columbia (UMKC) in Kansas City. It's amazing to see what teams can come up with when presented with such an intriguing challenge.

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel [Make48 YouTube Channel] to follow the journey of these teams and more throughout the year.

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