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Make48 2022 City Competitions on YouTube | Episode 2: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Make48's 2022 city competitions are now available to watch on our YouTube channel in anticipation of the Sixth National Competition! The second episode takes place in Milwaukee’s historic Third Ward district, with the iconic motorcycle brand Harley-Davidson, calling the challenge.

Interactive Outdoor Play was the theme in Milwaukee. The motorcycle giant served as the competition’s Challenge Sponsor, helping craft the teams’ objectives. Harley-Davidson has a long, rich history of innovation and continues to foster creativity, imagination, and innovation within their communities. Three mentors guided the teams with their ideas. Two Harley-Davidson employees Eryn and Derek, and Leah from BCI Burke, helped the teams with the logistics and safety aspects to make a playground element that could potentially be used as part of a community playground on the Harley-Davidson Museum campus.

MIAD, Wisconsin’s only four-year independent art and design college hosted the 48 hour competition. The school’s campus has one of the most comprehensive art and design environments in the country. MIAD faculty and students provided hands-on expertise as Tool Techs throughout the 2-day event. Makers, engineers and entrepreneurs from Make48 supported the teams by building their prototypes. On top of having access to tools, materials, and a workspace, participants were also guided by mentors from a variety of Wisconsin industries. This fun and interactive competition concluded at the Harley-Davidson museum with three judges (Ashwini Balasubramanian, Chris Nelson and Keith Stanley) choosing a first place winner.

Seven teams competed in Milwaukee to represent their hometown at Nationals.

LARC: Ross Pflum, Laura Hackenbracht, Carl Sabroff and Antonio Jenkins

Twisted Wires: David Anderson, Amber Bakkum, Jessica Michels, Tom Michaud

Shooting Starts: Hayes Wass, Griffin Wilson, Oscar Luis

Dreaming DeNicola's: Kevin DeNicola, Melissa DeNicola, Winston DeNicola and Emilia DeNicola

City On A Hill: Lisa Boughton, Latasha Taylor, Tylor Taylor and Frank Northern

Golda Girls: Tina Gleason, Camilah Deleon, Jerrya Kittler-Collins and Dayana Landa Medina

MKE Makers: Ariel Pershman, Will Drea and Ross Youner

The winning team from this Milwaukee challenge had the honor of advancing to the Season 6 Nationals, which took place in March 2023 at the University of Missouri-Columbia (UMKC) in Kansas City. Make48’s city competitions provide an incredible platform for teams to demonstrate their creativity, problem-solving skills, and innovation in a high-pressure environment. The challenges presented by iconic brands like Harley-Davidson push participants to think outside the box and create something extraordinary in just 48 hours.

Watch the full episode of the Milwaukee competition on Make48’s YouTube channel to see the incredible ideas and teamwork in action. []

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