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Make48 2022 City Competitions on YouTube | Episode 4: Indianapolis, IN

The Make48 2022 City Competitions have been an exciting journey, and the fourth episode in Indianapolis, Indiana, at the Fishers Maker Playground was a remarkable event. This competition was made possible through the collaboration of Corteva Agriscience, a leading, global pure-play agriculture company, who teamed up with the United Way of Central Indiana to create a meaningful challenge at our Make48-Indianapolis event.

Food Preservation: Food At The Right Place-At The Right Time was the challenge in Indianapolis. Teams had to create a "Food Locker'' prototype capable of storing pre-cooked meals for community members to access conveniently. Think of it as a community "little free library," but for food and prepared meals. Mentors from Corteva Agriscience and The United Way provided valuable guidance and support to the participating teams.

The 48-hour competition took place at Fishers Maker Playground, a 15,000-foot, state-of-the-art, public makerspace inside the Hub and Spoke building in Fishers, Indiana. Maker Playground is operated by the Fishers Parks Department making it a unique makerspace connecting recreation and education encompassed in one location with several classrooms and project zones such as Project Alley, Think Tank, and 3 Maker Lab Classrooms.

Six teams competed in Fishers, IN to represent their hometown at Nationals.

Fishers Tigers: Jeff Fronius, Eduardo Torres, Jack White and Ayanna Bodake

Machyne Makerspace: Paul Williams, Ramon Yip, and Nick Douglas

GearHounds: James Emery, Paul Talaga, Nathan Ziems, and Jordan Ankney

Seal Team Fix: Austin Simms, Jeff Heiking, Drew Oakley, and Chloe Yorn

The Mavericks:Jason Tuntland, Kelly Tuntland, Tyler Tuntland and Grant Venable

Super Seatons: Shondria Seaton, Bryant Seaton, Jayden Seaton and Jordyn Seaton

These teams received assistance from an incredible crew of tool techs and past competitors from Indianapolis. The winning team from this event had the honor of representing their hometown at the National TV Series competition in 2023, which was filmed at the UMKC Robert W. Plaster Free Enterprise and Research Center. The Plaster Free Enterprise Center is a hub for students, faculty and the Kansas City community to discuss, design, build and innovate.

To witness the innovative ideas and teamwork in action, you can watch the full episode of the Indianapolis competition on Make48's YouTube channel by following this link: []. It's a great way to get inspired and see the creative solutions these teams came up with for the food preservation challenge.

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