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Make48 2022 City Competitions on YouTube | Episode 5: North Little Rock, Arkansas

The Make48 2022 City Competitions have been an exciting journey, and the fifth episode takes place in North Little Rock, at the AR Innovation Hub. This competition was made possible through the collaboration of the City of North Little Rock, to create a meaningful challenge and impact the state of Arkansas and North Little Rock’s residents.

In partnership with the North Little Rock Economic Development and the City itself, the challenge sponsors for the event, the Make48 competition brought together creative minds for a unique 48-hour challenge. The mission? To design and build an outdoor-interactive tribute that pays homage to the historical significance of the 'Trail of Tears.' This tragic series of forced removals affected 60,000 Native Americans between 1830-1850, and its path intersected with the city. The resulting memorial, to be displayed along the Riverfront Park, offers a meaningful addition to the urban greenspace, providing a glimpse into the state's history.

The Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub, the first makerspace in the state, hosted the competition. Beyond the event, the Hub serves as a vital resource, providing tools and training to entrepreneurs, students, and creators in Little Rock. This community-driven initiative prepares individuals to contribute to and thrive within Arkansas' economic ecosystem, fostering innovation in technology, business, and the creative fields.

Six teams brought their A-game to represent North Little Rock. The teams and their members were:

  1. The Treble Makers - Isaac Hubberd, Harrison Cain, and Henry Vannoy

  2. BruWin - Les Williams, Galen Jauss, Allen Thomason, and Evan Goodwin

  3. WWMD - Katrina Watkins, Tessa Rivera, Genevieve Abel, and Chance Fisher

  4. ​​Finding It - Jason Blake and Aaron Hall

  5. The Fast and the Curious - Xiomara Valentina Vasquez, Noah Salazar, Conner Nalley and Naseir Hicks

  6. Pulaski Tech Titans - Shaun Everest, David Carpenter, David Hussey

The competition's success was made possible by the dedication of tool techs, mentors, and volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure no team was left behind. The winning NLR team from this event was honored to represent their hometown at the National TV Series competition in 2023, filmed at the UMKC Robert W. Plaster Free Enterprise and Research Center.

To witness the innovative ideas and teamwork in action, you can watch the full episode of the North Little Rock competition on Make48's YouTube channel by following this link: []. As the Make48 journey continues, creativity, community spirit, and collaboration are at the forefront of this exciting competition series.

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