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Make48 2022 City Competitions on YouTube | Episode 6: Beloit, Wisconsin

The Make48 2022 City Competitions have been a riveting journey, and the sixth episode unfolds in the city of Beloit, Wisconsin. This 48-hour collaborative inventor and maker challenge, held from November 4-6, 2022, brought together teams with a common goal of creating innovative solutions for winter outdoor activities.

The challenge, themed "Winter Outdoor Activities," aimed at developing perfect activities or games suitable for the cold winters often experienced in Wisconsin. Hosted by The Lincoln Academy (TLA), a premier K-12 public charter school in Wisconsin, the event blended seamlessly with TLA's focus on career exploration.

Beloit, a town with a rich history of innovation, played a pivotal role as the backdrop for this competition. Sponsored by Beloit 200, ABC Supply, Fairbanks Morse, Kerry Ingredients, Hendricks Commercial Properties, Skycarp, and additional companies/organizations, the city rallied together to support Make48 and showcase the vibrant spirit of their community.

Eight teams vied for the chance to represent Beloit at the national level. The diverse teams showcased the breadth of talent and creativity in Beloit.

  1. The Gents - Sebastian Grajeda, Jorden Gosa, Khader Abdalah, and Michael Norris

  2. Mighty Lions - Hanna Cole, Kemoria Haley, Ciata Jester, and Kalyn Ottinger

  3. Full STEAM Ahead! - Nolan Otremba, Eric Schmutzer, Mitch Johnson, and Tami Scott

  4. The Macho Quatro - Ishan Bhasin, Miles O'Bryan, Prabal Khare, and Jalen Ponder

  5. Jumpstart - Kyle Olson, Logan Olson, Jon Havrilesko, and Joe Gergets

  6. Rock River Dinners - Eric Seo, Sydney Felhofer, Joshua Laue, and Aleksander Mytko

  7. Team DSAT - Amrish Chourasia, Todd Anderbyrne, Shaan Chourasia, and Dustin Nguyen

  8. 404 - Shoumika Anannyo, Abhishek Shekhar, Hamna Zulfiqar, and Abhey Singh Guram

The competition garnered community-wide involvement, with students from various schools in Beloit and Beloit College participating. The event served as a platform for showcasing the potential of Makerspaces and technologies, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

The competition's success was made possible by the dedication of the talented tool techs, mentors, and volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure no team was left behind. The winning Beloit team from this event was honored to represent their hometown at the National TV Series competition in 2023, filmed at the UMKC Robert W. Plaster Free Enterprise and Research Center.

As the Make48 journey continues, the Beloit-TLA competition episode is a testament to the power of innovation, community spirit, and collaboration. To witness the inventive ideas and teamwork in action, viewers can watch the full episode on Make48's YouTube channel, capturing the essence of this exciting competition series []

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