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Make48-GoCreate Competition Begins Next Week

Next week will be our first City Series competition with GoCreate!

Eight teams from the Wichita area will compete to build a brand new product in 48 hours for Koch Industries. Using the same blueprint of the PBS Make48 TV documentary, the teams will create a prototype in the category of Sustainability & Environmental Stewardship: Doing More With Less.

The competition will be hosted by GoCreate makerspace at Wichita State University with 8 local teams competing for a chance to win a cash prize and go to the Nationals next spring.

  • Andover CAPS

  • Baby Cactus

  • ICT Design Team

  • Minintros

  • Quivira Scouting Council!

  • SuperVader

  • Team DropTables

  • Veni, Vidi, Vici

*see bios here

The teams will be joined by our “secret sauce,” a team of tool techs who will be fabricating the teams’ prototypes using a variety of tools and technologies, from 3D printers to welders, to textiles and woodworking. The tool techs will be coming from volunteers and employees from GoCreate and WSU, to our trusty Make48 team. We’ll also have a few special techs that you may know!

YouTube personalities Izzy Swan and Jess Crow will be part of the Tool Tech crew throughout the weekend. Creative woodworking is Izzy’s game and Jess has been called the epoxy queen. They’re eager to work with the teams and help bring their ideas to life. They’ll be joined by local furniture design artist, Wes Lewis from James Wesley Furniture and Brittany and Heather from Beautiful Fight Woodworking in Springfield, Missouri.

We couldn’t put on the flagship event without the incredible support of many local Wichita businesses including; Koch Industries, Fairmount Coffee Co.,Textron Aviation,, Restorer Tools, the Kansas Department of Commerce, Great Harvest Bread Co., Spirit AeroSystems and many more local companies are helping support innovation and making in their community. [Read More Here]. Many of them will also support the competition during the 48 hours, as tool techs, mentors, or as volunteers.

Keep an eye out on our Instagram page (@gomake48) for live giveaways with our sponsors and makers and catch all the behind the scenes action at the fastest-invention competition.

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