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Make48 x Corteva Agriscience™: Innovating for Tomorrow

Kansas City, MO, USA, April 18, 2024 - We're thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership for the upcoming Make48 season in 2024, proudly sponsored by Corteva Agriscience™, a leader in the global agricultural industry. This year promises to be an extraordinary season of innovative challenges, with Corteva elevating the competition to new heights.

Fostering Innovation Together

Corteva Agriscience™, with its deep commitment to innovation and sustainability, aligns perfectly with Make48's vision. "Corteva Agriscience is excited to sponsor this year's Make48 competitions in Indianapolis and Des Moines. We share a commitment to innovation and creativity with the competing teams, and we're looking forward to seeing their groundbreaking solutions," shares Heidi Spahn, Global Corporate and Community Investment Leader at Corteva.

A Year of Exciting Challenges

FFA Partnership & Fishers Maker Playground

The season kicks off at the Fishers Maker Playground, hosted at Hub & Spoke, marking the second time the 48-hour competition will take place in this innovative space. Eight teams from Indiana's high school FFA will tackle challenges that reflect Corteva's dedication to Agricultural Education, embodying the spirit of creativity and innovation.

Des Moines Central Campus Event

The journey continues in Des Moines, Iowa, at the Central Campus's Horticulture and Aviation building. Here, eight local high school teams will face off in a challenge sponsored by Corteva, pushing the boundaries of agricultural innovation.

Corteva Agriscience™: Shaping the Future of Agriculture

Corteva stands as a beacon of innovation, with a global presence that enables farms to thrive and a portfolio designed to meet the evolving needs of the agricultural sector. As the world's population grows, Corteva's commitment to innovation becomes ever more crucial in balancing food resources and ensuring a sustainable future.

Join Us in Celebrating Innovation

This year's Make48 challenge is not just a competition; it's a celebration of the innovative spirit that drives us forward. With Corteva Agriscience™, we're poised to tackle tomorrow's challenges with inventive solutions today.

For more information about Corteva Agriscience™ and their contributions to a sustainable food supply, visit


Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to witness innovation in action with Make48 and Corteva Agriscience™!

Join us as we innovate for a better tomorrow.

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About Make48

Make48 is a nationwide invention-competition docuseries that gives teams a challenge at the start of a two-day event. With just 48 hours, teams must create a prototype, promotional video, and sales sheet, and present their idea to a panel of judges. The teams have access to a makerspace and numerous Tool Techs that can make almost anything, patent attorneys, marketing experts, and more. This format allows everyone to have a level playing field and the chance to win, with no prior technical knowledge necessary. 

Make48 Media Contact:

Cassandra Muñoz


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