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Meet Sam Annable: Content Creator At Make48

In the heart of central Illinois, in a quiet town called Washington, lives Sam Annable, a passionate content creator and a family man. With a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and a career that initially revolved around professional sports and sales, Sam's story is one of transition, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit.

We first met Sam Annable at a Make48 competition in 2022. A tool tech at the Beloit competition, Sam is a popular content creator at Uncharted Customs who specializes in lasers. Earlier this year, Make48 asked him to be their part-time content creator and he’s fit in with the crew ever since. Learn more about Sam and his jump from sports to sales to content creator.

Maker & Content Creator Sam Annable

Family and Career Background

Sam is a devoted husband and father of two – a four-year-old daughter and a seven-month-old son. His career journey began in the world of sports, working in minor league baseball and collegiate athletics for about seven years. He even relocated to Idaho for a year to serve as the Director of Sales for a baseball team. But it was during this time that Sam reconnected with his now-wife, prompting him to move back and leave behind the world of sports. He took a sales job selling building materials, which wasn't his passion but paid the bills. Just before embarking on his content creation journey, Sam worked for Coca Cola, handling accounts and sales.

The Leap into Content Creation

The catalyst for Sam's journey into content creation was the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, which led to remote work for many. While Sam continued with his job, he also nurtured his entrepreneurial spirit. In his basement, with a small desktop laser, he started creating small trinkets and keychains, experimenting with different materials. As he shared his creations on social media, friends and family began requesting personalized items, which eventually led to Sam's shift into content creation.

What sets Sam apart as a content creator is his ability to adapt and learn on the fly. With no prior background in the field, he dived headfirst into creating an array of items, from signs to laser engravings, cups, shirts, hats, and more. Sam is a firm believer in trial and error, emphasizing that there's no one right way to create content. It's a mix of learning, experimentation, and a bit of luck when it comes to the virality of posts.

As a maker, Sam's favorite tool is undoubtedly the laser. He boasts four lasers, including a CO2 laser, which he primarily uses for his creative endeavors.

As a content creator, Instagram is the primary platform that allows him to connect with a community of like-minded individuals eager to learn. While Sam initially wasn't big on social media, he now uses Instagram not only for business but also for teaching others. He shares his daily experiences, offering a glimpse into his creative process and techniques. Sam's Instagram serves as a hub for teaching and inspiration.

Creating Make48 Content

Sam's involvement with Make48 allows him to be part of a dynamic community of makers. He enjoys telling the story of what happens at Make48 events, capturing the challenges, innovations, and educational moments. While the Make48 production team creates episodes, Sam contributes by providing bite-sized, educational content for the audience. The collaborative spirit of the maker community and the potential for growth and learning excites him.

In the maker community, Sam draws inspiration from people like Jimmy DiResta, who remained true to himself while achieving success. Sam advises others to step out of their comfort zones while staying authentic to their core values.

Passions Beyond Making

Outside of content creation and teaching, Sam's passions include sports, especially watching football and baseball. He relishes the opportunity to see his four-year-old daughter begin her journey in sports. His family is his ultimate passion, and he cherishes every moment he spends with them.

If Sam could eat only one food for the rest of his life, it would be the Salmon from Texas Roadhouse, or salmon anywhere, really.

For relaxation, Sam finds joy in watching sports, grilling out, and enjoying the fall weather with a cozy hoodie. His favorite movie is "Shawshank Redemption," and he also appreciates films like "The Rock" and "The Last Castle."

Sam Annable's journey from the world of sports and sales to content creation showcases the power of passion, adaptability, and a commitment to authenticity. His content creation journey is a testament to the idea that anyone can start something new, learn as they go, and thrive in their chosen field. Go and give Sam a follow on his pages:

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