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Meet the Project Lead The Way Teams To Compete At Make48

In just one week, the much-anticipated Project Lead The Way event kicks off! On February 2nd, The University of Missouri-Kansas City will host seven high school teams ready to take on the "Stadium Experience" challenge. Hailing from various counties across Missouri in Kansas City, Springfield, Columbia, and Kirkwood, participants are set to engage in a celebration of regional collaboration, innovation, and hands-on learning.

Now, let's introduce the competing teams at the Project Lead The Way-Make48 competition. Each team brings a unique blend of skills, perspectives, and experiences, turning this event into a vibrant melting pot of innovation.

KIPP Legacy (KIPP KC Legacy High School)

Team Kipp students

Team Members: Ayana Hayes, A'iyanna Newman, Kane Killiebrew and Ty'Reek Cheadle

The Kipp Legacy KC High School Team is made up of engineering design students who want to flex their creative muscles as first-time participants in Make48! They are bringing a wealth of curiosity, creativity, passion and excitement to the event!

Columbia Creators (Columbia Public Schools)

Team Columbia Creators - 4 persons

Team Members: Natalie Bessette, Joaquin Chade-Mendez, Isaac (Ike) Goble and Marley Poston

The Columbia Creators are composed of diverse talents in engineering design, and were brought together through engineering courses, where they have developed their technical skills and passion for design and development. With experience gained from educational courses and workplace internships, they are driven by the collective goal of developing their skills and becoming top competitors in the engineering industry. They hope to one day be able to leave lasting improvements on their community, starting by proving their skills in this competition.

Willow Springs High

Willow Springs High Team

Team Members: Matthew Knapp, Madalyn Poor, Nolan Perkins, and Seth Wake

The brand new Willow Springs High School CTE building is sending some great representatives for the Make48 Competition! The Willow Springs team are from the PLTW Engineering and Business departments, coming to represent #onewillow!

Columbia Area Career Center

Columbia Creator Team

Team Members: Michael Merz, Camden Fallon, Aashish Gadicherla and Jacob Moore

Led by a 20-year Navy veteran turned teacher, these EDD seniors represent the best engineering minds of the three Columbia Missouri high schools and the Columbia Area Career Center PLTW engineering program. Camden Fallon from Muriel Battle high school, an expert public speaker/debater and aspiring electrical engineer; Aashish Gadicherla from David Hickman High School, a future mechanical engineer with business and automotive class experience; and Jacob Moore from Rock Bridge High School, a striving mechanical engineer with interests in 3D modeling and printing. These students plan to demonstrate the engineering skills they have learned through various PLTW classes in the Make48 challenge.

Vianney (St John Vianney H.S.)

Vianney Team


Team Members: Dan Didier, Khai Khai, Jacob Spranaitis, and Tyrus Ivory

Tyrus Ivory is the coach and instructor for Khai, Jacob and Tyrus. The Vianney team is a diverse group that is always up for a challenge, whether physical or mental.

Tiger Innovations (Excelsior Springs H.S.)

Tiger Innvovations Team

Team Members: Tony Harman, Katelin Mansell, Caroline Wenz and Cameron Harris

Tiger Innovations have three amazing students who have been fantastic in their PLTW classes over the last few years along with Tony Harman, their engineering teacher. Their team is passionate about creating innovative solutions to real problems to make an impact on our world!

Center High School

Center High School logo

Team members: Miranda Young, Oscar Vargas Garcia, Savannah Frank and Evan Bunch

These Yellow Jackets are ready to compete at Make48! Center High School will be represented by Miranda, Oscar, Savannah and Evan. They will bring their individual talents and passions to the table and come together to create and work together to come up with a solution to the challenge.

To learn more about the PLTW-Make48 event visit 

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