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Season 6 of Make48 Is Now Available ON-DEMAND!

We’re pleased to announce that Season 6 is now available on-demand! Witness these participants create under the pressure of time. With only 48 hours, teams discover what is possible through the Make48 City Series. 

Roku Channel screenshot of Make48 season 6 webpage
Watch at

Spanning from June to December 2022, Make48 saw 186 participants walk through the doors to compete at makerspaces around the country. This immersive 48-hour experience blended collaboration, innovation, and imagination into a remarkable showcase of human ingenuity.

Competitions unfolded in Wichita (KS), Milwaukee (WI), Madison (WI), Indianapolis (IN), North Little Rock (AR), Beloit (WI), Kansas City (KS) and concluded with Nationals in Kansas City, Missouri. This platform showcased that innovation has no barriers. Anyone can invent if you have the right tools and collaboration! 

Where can you watch the Makers Channel? 

Stream This Old House Makers Channel for FREE, available anytime on The Roku Channel, #458, and on Samsung TV Plus (Channel #1214). Built upon This Old House’s legacy, the channel features today’s master Makers and DIYers, blending fabrication skills with content creation. 

How do you watch Make48 On-Demand?

Add the Roku Channel to your list of available Apps on your Smart TV.  (It’s FREE!)

Here is what it looks like:

Roku logo
  • Find The Roku Channel App icon

  • Click on the App once you start up your TV.

  • Find the Magnifying Glass search button and type in Make48.  

  • Click on Make48 and you will be able to watch all the episodes!

This Old House Makers Channel features creators, from woodworking and design to engineering to welding, embarking on projects in their distinctive style. TOH is a community of skilled artisans who share their expertise and mishaps, inspiring us along the way. 

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