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Seasons of Sobriety by Amber Michele Giangregorio

Congratulations to Amber Michele Giangregorio on the release of her first book, "Seasons of Sobriety"! Amber's creative vision has been evident in her work on Make48 and elsewhere, and now she extends her talents to the realm of literature.

As the co-owner and director of Stellar Image Studios, Amber, along with her sister Jasmine Nastasi, has built a production studio that delivers engaging and creative video services. Their elite roster of clients is a testament to the high-end results produced by their talented team, collaborative efforts, and creative perspectives.

"Seasons of Sobriety" takes readers on a journey from addiction to a sober-curious mindset. The book is structured into four chapters, each representing a season of the year (winter, spring, summer, and autumn). Each season corresponds to a different phase of the journey: impulsivity, healing, abundance, and renewal. Through poetry and prose, Amber aims to offer encouragement, inspiration, and the illustration that powerful potential lies within every person, ready to be awakened.

The book beautifully weaves the themes of the natural world into the narrative, allowing readers to feel the impact of the poetry as it mirrors the changing seasons. Starting with the darkness of winter, the journey leads to the brilliant colors of autumn. For those feeling trapped in the dark, "Seasons of Sobriety" provides tools and thought-provoking ideas to help find the light.

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If you're interested in exploring this transformative journey, you can get your own copy of "Seasons of Sobriety" on Amazon using the following link: Amazon - Seasons of Sobriety.

Join us in celebrating Amber's achievement and the impactful journey she shares in "Seasons of Sobriety"!

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