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ShopBot Tools 2024 Supporter of Make48

As another season approaches, ShopBot Tools reaffirms its position as one of the foremost manufacturers and distributors of CNC routers, offering vital support to Make48 events. Headquartered in Durham, NC, the company supplies equipment and specialists to assist the Make48 teams in bringing their ideas to life.

Established in 1996, ShopBot has been setting the standard in CNC routers. The company was founded by Ted Hall with the mission of making ‘digital technology’ accessible, and affordable, for individual makers and small-to-midsize manufacturers. ShopBot eliminates the need for substantial investments, making digital fabrication far more accessible.

CNC machine in workshop
ShopBot Tools support with Nate Zanavich in Beloit, WI

ShopBot Tools has been a consistent collaborator with Make48 since 2015 and stands as one of the biggest and longest-standing supporters. In 2023, ShopBot technicians, including Ryan Patterson, Nate Zanavich, Aaron Brown, and Alex Hardison, played a crucial role in prototyping the team's ideas, creating team trophies and additional projects across Makerspaces nationwide. These spaces include; The KS State School for the Blind (KS), Purdue Polytechnic-Anderson (IN), The Lincoln Academy (WI), Northwest Arkansas Community College (AR), and The Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub (AR).

ShopBot CEO, Jeanne Taylor said, “We are proud to partner with Make48! Their work across the country promoting digital fabrication, collaboration, and problem-solving continues to be inspiring and exciting! ShopBot crew members enjoy working with the Make48 competitors – the rapid turn times, variety of projects, and thoughtful themes check all the boxes for us!”

Throughout various seasons, teams have consistently relied on the expertise of ShopBot's CNC fabricators to bring a variety of prototypes to life. In 2023, the tool techs have been involved in diverse themes, ranging from recycling solar panels to outdoor furniture and games to tiny homes, handling each idea with precision and care.

The upcoming eighth season, set to kick off in February in Kansas City, promises excitement, with ShopBot on hand to assist participants in their builds. ShopBot, a leading producer of digital fabrication equipment for small-to-mid sized manufacturing, DIY, and education markets, goes beyond equipment provision. The company offers unparalleled support through forums, production support services, and specialized training classes, all designed, built, and supported from their Durham, NC headquarters. To explore more, visit ShopBot Tools.

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