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The Delta School's Journey through the Make48 Competition

As we reflect on our experience at The Delta School during the recent Make48 Competition, the excitement and energy still linger. 

Held in Wilson, Arkansas, the competition brought together seven teams, all from area high schools. These students were tasked with innovating and collaborating within a 48-hour timeframe, alongside dedicated technicians assigned to support them. The challenge, set by E-Z-GO, was to devise innovative solutions for gardening using their golf carts. Ideas ranged from hose carrying and irrigation systems to towing devices, all designed to retrofit seamlessly onto existing E-Z-GO carts.

Teams faced challenges head-on, brainstormed solutions, and worked tirelessly to bring their inventions to life. Mentors and tool techs from E-Z-GO, The DeBruce Foundation, The Delta School, and beyond provided invaluable guidance and support, helping teams refine their concepts and troubleshoot issues along the way.

Each team presented their finished products to a panel of judges, including representatives from E-Z-GO, The DeBruce Foundation, and MatterHackers. After a difficult decision, these teams were celebrated for their ideas and pitches:

  • Mob Mentality (Dave Diagostino, Jiya Mangat, Jered Robertson, and James Simpson) from Rivercrest High School clinched the Overall Innovation Award and secured a spot at our Nationals competition in November.

  • Crosstown Yetis (Gretchen Riem, Jack Peak, Anthony Clark, and Jonathan Perez) from Crosstown High School impressed with the Best Pitch Award.

  • The Knights of WMCS (Jessica Ford, Xander Skoff, Tobias Wilson, and Eli Ford) from West Memphis Christian School showcased their skills, winning the Best Agilities© Award. 

Cheers to all the teams who dared to compete in the 48-hour challenge, and participated in their first Make48 event. We were fortunate to have worked with the wonderful people who make up The Delta School community and are honored to have been part of such an inspiring weekend. We hope to be back at The Delta School in the future!

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