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What Teams Will Expect At The Kansas State School for the Blind

Next week, 6 teams from schools for the blind from 6 different states will fly into Kansas City to compete at the first of its kind Make48 Innovation Competition for a state versus state competition.

In December of 2022, the Kansas State School for the Blind hosted its own Make48 competition. It was so successful that KSSB invited Make48 back for a second competition, new Challenge and 6 new teams.

How can we improve on that you might ask? How about if we have teams from different schools for the blind from across the United States come to compete? KSSB has certainly proven its makerspace very capable to host such an event.

Make48 letters in front of KSSB school
2022 Tool Techs at the Kansas State School for the Blind

I began reaching out to a variety of schools for the blind and received a variety of responses, from immediately excited and “let’s get our team together” to “let’s see if there is any interest”. We will have the TSBVI Makers, the CSB Cheetahs, the WSSB Lions, Team MMA, Team Rockets, and Team MSB Bees. 

Let me share a little about KSSB for the teams who will be arriving soon. The dorms are very nice, and the staff is very friendly and supportive. How do I know? I’ve stayed on campus during the past 2 competitions.

There is a Girls side and a Boys side. There is also a very nice Common area in the center of the building upstairs where meetings take place, and where students casually hang out. Below the Common area, is the place where teams, ToolTechs, volunteers, and staff will have their meals during the Make48 competition.

Leaving the Lower area heading outside to the south, there is a sidewalk that will lead you directly to the Makerspace. It will be divided up in two main parts. There is Makerspace One where most of the general gatherings will take place, just go left after going through the Main Entrance. In the back of Makerspace One is where the 3D Printers, Laser Printers, and Embroidery Machine are located. 

To go into Makerspace Two where each team will have a table and chairs dedicated to them for their designing, writing, troubleshooting, and all-around creative workspace, you take an immediate right when entering the front door and then an almost immediate left. This is where you will spend most of your time innovating.

I also should have mentioned, on the right side, just before entering the makerspace, there will be a big 20’x30’ tent where many of the ToolTechs will be busy working with the CNC machine, chop saws, welding machine, sanders, and a bunch of other tools to create what each of the teams have designed to meet the criteria of the Challenge. This is also primarily the Tool Techs’ workspace and should you need to speak with one of the Tool Techs regarding your project, you will need to have an escort. 

Safety is very important, and you will receive instructions before the competition begins. Our main goal at Make48 and KSSB is for you to have a fun, safe, and creative time. We are excited to see you shine, and we are here to support you and your teammates do your very best and exceed your expectations.

I want to thank all our sponsors that help make this event possible, especially the Kansas City Blind All Stars, the Challenge Sponsor for this innovation competition. 

See you all soon….

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KSSB can't wait to host the outstanding scholars/creators from our sister COSB (Council of Students and Services for the Blind) schools! Thank you to Make48 and KC Blind All-Stars for making it happen!

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